Senior Technical Project Manager – California



Great opportunity for a Senior Level Project Manager!  



1) Geographic Location

a) Anywhere within the State of California. Preferably within close proximity to one of the major

metropolitan areas: San Diego, Orange County, greater Los Angeles area, San Jose, San Francisco Bay

Area, Sacramento.

2) Requirements

 Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

 PMP Certification.

 Ability to travel throughout the USA, up to 100% of the time. Travel is typically around 25% of time and

is typically within the state of CA, but can be up to 100% and be throughout the country.

 Skilled in use of MS Project, Excel, Word, Visio and PowerPoint

 Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Ability to give polished presentations to groups of

20 or more people.

 Ability to facilitate and lead group meetings.

 Ability to lead teams and drives project results.

 Program Management Experience. Experience leading teams of Project Managers.

 Project Management Experience – Experience managing LAN infrastructure migrations.  Including:

equipment procurement management, schedule development, scheduling of field engineering

resources, engagement of third party vendors, oversight of engineering design process (performed by

Network Engineer), oversight of field engineering activities, responsible for client communications,

responsible for coordination with client personnel, responsible for the development of project


 Experience in customer service.  Ability to work effectively with clients in a complex political


 Ability to handle a heavy workload under tight timeframes.

 Outstanding attention to detail.

 Ability to adhere to strict program standards. Adhere to complex program processes.

 Ability to develop project management tools, templates and processes.

 Can telecommute when not required on the client site. Might be required to be on client site up to

100% of the time.

 Must be resident in California, preferably in or near one of the major metropolitan areas (Los Angeles,

San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego or Sacramento).

3) Description of Work – Project Management

The activities to be managed by the AT&T Consulting Project Manager include, discovery, physical and

logical design, project planning, project coordination, logistical planning, procurement, schedule

development, equipment/software implementation and closeout. The project manager will utilize a

structured approach to project management, which includes the following phases of a project: Initiation,

Planning, Execution, Controlling and Closure.

A. Initiation

During the Initiation Process, the AT&T project manager works with the AT&T team and the customer to

understand the needs of the customer and ensure they are met during the project implementation. During

the Initiation Process, the project manager’s activities include the following, as applicable:

1. Study all relevant documents, including but not limited to: Statements of Work, Bill(s) of Materials,

client Standards and client Architecture guidelines.

2. Review entries made into AT&T’s internal ordering, billing and tracking systems for


3. Begin dialogue with customer representatives, other AT&T work groups, AT&T subcontractors

and 3rd party vendors to identify available resources and project team personnel.

4. Research the expected availability of proposed equipment and required resources.

5. Develop and review High-Level Project Milestone Schedule with customer representatives.

B. Planning

The AT&T project manager works with the customer representatives and the AT&T project team

resources to develop a detailed project plan as a road map to reach a successful outcome of the project.

During the Planning Process, the project manager’s activities include the following, as applicable:

1. Organize and lead project kick-off meeting(s) with appropriate AT&T and customer


2. Review all project documentation to develop a concise list of all project tasks.

3. Develop a detailed project communications plan, including, but not limited to: the contact list,

project organization chart, status reporting channels, escalation process, responsibility matrix,

documentation list, project website, expected project reports and meeting agenda and dates.

4. Develop the Work Breakdown Structure (“WBS”).

5. Organize the WBS within the proposed major milestones to set dates and dependencies.

C. Execution

The AT&T project manager coordinates and directs the various AT&T technical and organizational

resources that are assigned to the project. Leadership, communication and negotiation skills are essential

to effective project execution. During the execution process, the project manager’s activities include the

following, as applicable:

1. Drive the project using the project timeline prepared during the planning process.

2. Create a dynamic action list to track issues as they develop, who should resolve, and the results.

3. Organize, lead and report to customer the developments of project team meetings such as status

report meetings, project planning meetings and design review meetings.

4. Receive and review all specifications and drawings deemed to be accurate and complete by

AT&T engineering and distribute to AT&T field personnel as needed.

5. Interface with the AT&T staging center for delivery of made-ready network electronics, installation

forces, contractors and others to allow timely arrivals to the Site per the project plan.

D. Control

The AT&T project manager ensures that project objectives are met by AT&T resources by monitoring and

controlling project activities, which may include corrective actions. Variances to the project plan are

continually evaluated and adjustments are made if necessary. These adjustments may occur throughout

the life cycle of the project and are often in response to customer needs. During the Controlling Process,

the project manager’s activities include the following, as applicable:

1. Ensure verification of the project scope through several ongoing activities that include reviewing

project documents and participating in discussion during project meetings, developing and

maintaining the project schedule and establishing test and acceptance criteria.

2. Control changes to the project scope by verifying that activities are compliant with specifications,

monitoring the project and updating the project plan. Changes to the SOWs, project schedule or

other accepted documents will be made under the terms of the COR process and must be

coordinated through the AT&T project manager.

3. Control project schedule by monitoring and reporting task progress versus schedule, managing

critical path activities, triggering Equipment deliveries and AT&T field personnel, and maintaining

the project schedule.

4. Confirm adherence to quality standards and monitor Customer satisfaction by ensuring

specifications and designs are reviewed, approved and forwarded to field personnel, reviewing

processes to ensure effectiveness, striving to foresee and mitigate project risks, and acting as

single point of contact for responsibility for overall project success.

5. Gather, prepare, document and disseminate project information and performance reports via

status reports. Track and document progress made versus project schedule, accomplishments

to-date, and upcoming project tasks.

E. Closure

The AT&T project manager will pursue an orderly conclusion to the project’s installation and the formal

acceptance by the customer in order to transition to post-installation support such as monitoring and

maintenance. During the closure process, the project manager’s activities include the following, as


1. Consolidate test and acceptance records for the customer. Solicit, consolidate, and work with

appropriate parties to clear punch items.

2. Ensure long-term maintenance and support organizations have appropriate documentation and

contact information is provided to the customer and Chancellor’s Office.

3. Solicit and consolidate key project documents and “as-built” drawings into project binder(s) or

project CD(s).

4. Compares the list of project tasks with work performed to ensure the project is complete per the


5. Review all status reports and action items to ensure all items have been resolved. Obtain

Customer acceptance of the work performed.


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